finding ships whereabouts

5th December 2007, 14:43
hi can anyone help looking for any info on the ........ VEE SEA SAPPHIRE.... it started life out as a mississippi mud boat then to the uk as a standbye boat we think. Looking fowards to any reply many thanks

Burned Toast
5th December 2007, 14:56
Try Vector Offshore, Great Yarmouth 01493 858151. They should be able to give you the information.

5th December 2007, 16:55
It used to be vector that had it, its boston putfords now though.
Vector only have jigsaw vessels now.

5th December 2007, 18:01
That and several sisters were run as standby boats out of Montrose by Vector? in the mid '90's. They were linked with Seacor (US Gulf), hence the "Vee Sea". They were not suitable vessels for N. Sea operations (not sure whether they had any bilge keels?) - pretty much flat bottomed and not much draught. I can remember inspecting several of them when I worked for Asco, typical US spec. technically fairly primitive!

I don't know what happened to them but the whole Montrose operation was ever so slightly on the dark side, as it were. I've always believed that standards should improve with time and these were a definite step backwards.

6th December 2007, 13:37
Maybe i was wrong. Just had a look at the seacor (owners of putfords) website and i only recognise one vessel as an ex vector vessel. I think when they were sold the kept the same names but dropped the 'veesea' prefix.

ian d.cameron
6th December 2007, 21:11
From Miramar
Single Ship Report for "7517715"
IDNo: 7517715
Year: 1977
Name: OCEAN RAY Launch Date:
Type: tug/supply ship Date of completion: 11.77
Flag: USA Keel:
Tons: 403 Link: 1148

DWT: Yard No: 1139
Length overall: 62.1 Ship Design:
LPP: 59.8 Country of build: USA
Beam: 13.4 Builder: American Marine
Location of yard: New Orleans
Number of
Speed(kn): 2D-16
Subsequent History:

There is a photo of her from Buevik in the SN gallery

27th March 2008, 21:59
I think I seen a picture of her converted to dive support, looked fairly basic from what I saw with four point mooring system.