Les Cowle's Poem Sea Going Days

Roger Bentley
6th December 2007, 16:08
Sorting through some old paperwork relating to the two reunions I came across this piece. He signed it and dated it 1989 so it must have been available at the first reunion. Written from an engineers point of view - the following quotes give the flavour.

"The pilot gone, we carry on - a regal thirteen knots" .......

"Everyday while underway 'chippy' sounds his tanks
And we'll all work on 'field days' without a word of thanks
The 'Fiver' does his winches, and the 'Fourth' his pumps again
And the steward brings the coffee round, prompt at half-past ten
At seven bells the tunnel well is full as it can be
With spanner grand we'll nip the gland and hope the shaft is free"
Does anyone remember this? Salaams, Roger

Tony Selman
8th December 2007, 11:18
I can't say that I remember that Roger but I do very much like the style and theme of the poem. Are you going to publish the whole thing on here or perhaps save it for our hopefully planned next reunion?

Roger Bentley
8th December 2007, 16:31
Hi Tony, Yes, I think it is a good piece of nostalgia, but hoped that someone could fill in who Les Cowle was. He had a relative Bill who was a purser/ch stwd in the company and who subsequently married an agent's daughter form Aden. Les was an engineer but I never came across him. I would like to get his permission before printing the whole which runs to A4 size and a bit. Salaams, Roger