Ps Ryde

julian anstis
20th April 2005, 11:33
Paddle Steamer RYDE built for the Southern Railway Company by William Denny & Bros in 1937 at Dumbarton. yard #1306, 566tns, for service between Portsmouth Harbour and Ryde pierhead I-O-W. Throughout ww2 she saw service as a minesweeper and AA gun platform. After the war she went back into her normal service untill being laid up in 1969 at Binfield Marina I-O-W. She was then used as the marina clubhouse then as a hotel and finally as a discoteque untill she was damaged by fire in 1977. Under private ownership she now awaits her fate as a preservation trust are in negotiations to try and purchase her for preservation.
photo courtesy of P.W.Hobday.