Pearl Harbor Day

7th December 2007, 05:35
I remember the day very well. I was nine years old and in the third grade. Living at a very nice boarding school on Mercer Island in Seattle, Washington, USA. The headmistress (who was quite elderly, maybe 34 or 35 years old) came into the dining room while we were lined up and waiting to be seated for our Sunday lunch, and she was crying. Whoa! This was something very new for sure, to see an old woman crying like that. All of us children were very upset by it. Some of us even started to cry. Not me of course. Someone told us that she was crying because Pearl Harbor had been bombed by the Japs, and I immediately knew three things: 1. This was very, very serious. 2. I had no idea what Pearl Harbor was. and 3. I had no idea what a Jap was. We soon found out.

J Boyde
7th December 2007, 06:39
Waddy, today is ny wifes birthday, yes, she was born on that day. She never seems to tell me much about it. LoL
Jim B

7th December 2007, 23:04
Thank you for posting this Waddy.

Members who don't know much about Pearl Harbour may like to take a look at this website (you can find many more by Googling Pearl harbour memorial:

There is a photo of ceremony of remembrance held annually at Pearl Harbour in the office where I am working.