HMS Illustrious

7th December 2007, 13:15
I wonder if a learned SN member can help me Grandfather served on HMS Illustrious during the war, and was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal. Yet I know nothing about the circumstances (to my shame). Can anyone point me to where I might find out more ?? I've tried google , but no success......I will now return to my haunt in the fishing vessel section.....regards, Trev

7th December 2007, 14:24
The Veterans Agency should have a copy of his service records and may be able to help you. Have a look at this page:-

7th December 2007, 15:09
Depending on your grandfather's rank and when he joined the RN, you may find your grandfather's service record online in the RN Seamen Register (Ratings) at the National Archives (cost to download is 3.50):

For his Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, try searching the London Gazette:

I would try Advanced Search, then put your grandfather's full name in the "With the exact phrase" field, i.e. First Middle Lastname. If that doesn't return anything, try just the surname and a date range.


7th December 2007, 19:20
His rank was C.P.O.......thank you for your help, and so quickly too.....this really is a wonderful site !! Thank you so much...Trev

Steve Woodward
7th December 2007, 23:06
Looking at Illustrious's career and when something may have occurred for such an award to be made, the most favoured date would be 10th January 1941, Illustrious was hit by seven bombs, mainly 1,000 pounders. This may give you a date to work from