Wreck Identity

julian anstis
20th April 2005, 11:59
Can anyone throw any light as to the identity of this wreck seen at Piraeus, Greece on 2nd May 1969. It was not possible to take other photo's or to go along the quayside to gain any more info due to the political situation out there at the time. Apart from the general appearance of fire damage nothing else is known about her.
photo courtesy P.W.Hobday.

26th August 2005, 23:32
This is the Agamemnon, a cruise ship delivered by the Italians in 1952 as a war reparation. she capsized during a refit in 1968. She was later raised but not repaired and was scrapped in 1974. Her sister, the Achilleus, is still around, laid up as the Olympia I at Eleusis Bay.