Photo - 2 1940s BP tankers

10th December 2007, 09:12
The following photo has appeared on Ebay: 69746QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
The caption says British Supremacy and British Viscount. The vessel on the left appears to be British Supremacy (name on the stern) but the other vessel looks older than her (about 1942 or so) and certainly not a standard "12" like Viscount. Any thoughts??
Cheers, Geoff

10th December 2007, 18:52
The vessel nearest the camera is definately not named British Viscount. The first ship of that name was built in 1889 as Rock Light. purchased by the BTC in1917 and torpedoed 23.2.1918 and sunk. The second was built in 1921 and sunk by torpedo 3.4.1941. The third one was a 'classic' post war 12 and looked nothing like this at all. This one has all the appearence of one of the 12s built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham, Richardson Ltd., Newcastle in 1945/1946. Tall thin funnel placed well forward, very tall after pump room ventilators, life boats carried very high up etc. To all intents and purposes a 1939 design. British Caution 1946 is a good example or, if her name begins with "V", probably the British Virtue of 1945. That's my first thought, I haven't done any detailed stanchion counting yet.

11th December 2007, 05:45
I'll go with alastairjs for the VIRTUE,an almost identical shot was taken in Barry,but seen as bow shot.
Also the VENTURE is in my mind.
On regular terms Woody[Ray Woodmore],makes some mistakes,by wrong names/countries at his auctions. (

11th December 2007, 07:41
Thanks for that. My feeling was that the vessel has a name about the same length as "British" - e.g. British Respect, British Caution. However the stanchion pattern on the bridge doesn't quite match Respect. Caution and Virtue are good matches. All the other wartime BP tankers I have photos of either don't match the stanchion pattern or have shorter funnels. I wouldn't put my shirt on Caution but that's where I'm leaning at present.

Ruud's picture I think shows British Maple rather than Supremacy inside British Virtue.
Cheers, Geoff

K urgess
11th December 2007, 11:04
Proceed with caution, eh?[=P]