J F Gibson's Brocklebanks 1770 -1950 Vol 1 & 2

Roger Bentley
11th December 2007, 15:11
I see the two volumes are appearing in a booksellers list that I receive. He is asking 90. I wonder who was the previous owner as comparatively few were printed. I think each Captain got them and I seem to remember each ship had them. I got Vol 2 in a sale years ago and paid about 50 for it then.

11th December 2007, 17:33
I note same offer Roger, the price varies but ever upwards!
In fact J F. Gibson's son Vic, who was Capt. in MN and offshore vessels, runs a well known offshore consultancy here in Aberdeen as Marex Marine, check the website as he has a fantastic offshore compendium.

John Leary
11th December 2007, 18:49
Hi Roger
I managed to buy the pair a few years ago from an Internet bookseller. Can't remember what I paid but it was nowhere in the region of 90. Nice to know it's not just the memories of Brocks that are golden!

K urgess
11th December 2007, 19:41
There are quite a few here (http://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/SearchResults?an=gibson&bi=0&bx=off&ds=30&sortby=3&sts=t&tn=brocklebanks&x=0&y=0) at reasonable prices compared to above.

Tony Selman
11th December 2007, 19:44
Thanks for that Kris, you might well have saved me a bob or two there.



Derek Roger
11th December 2007, 22:56
Got my copies on the net .. Dont think I paid that much . Well worth it though if you are an Ex Brock .

Roger Bentley
12th December 2007, 09:58
Just had message from Tony Crompton who says abebooks have them at 53, much more reasonable. Salaams, Roger

Tony Sprigings
12th December 2007, 11:01
Didn't realise how valuable these books had become. I have both Vol.1 and 2 and I collected them from the bowels of Cunard Building before we moved into our London premises.

Roger Bentley
12th December 2007, 14:29
Tony, A bookseller in my home town has told me that MN histories are increasing in value and he gets better prices for them than for much of the RN histories. This chaps buys in collections and often sells Janes warship books for around 10 depending on the year. I am under strict orders from Marian to stop buying anymore and have started to unload them. I did have Sea Breezes from 1947 to the current day, but am only going to keep the earlier ones now, and have started to get rid of the more recent. Regards, Roger

K urgess
12th December 2007, 14:58
They're about as addictive as this site.
I shall have to stop myself from buying any more as well.
Storage is becoming a problem.
The older and more obscure the better especially such things as "The Ship Master's Business Guide" 1924 edition and "Wrinkles of Navigation" from 1840.
Of course nothing can beat British Standard 1170 of 1968 "Methods for treatment of water for marine boilers" [=P]