Hms Nuthatch

15th December 2007, 17:00
HMS Nuthatch Anthorn in Cumbria(Cumberland) was a RNAStation in the 40s and 50s. the station was divided up into 3 sections, the airfield overlooked the Solway firth and the living quarters were known as camp 1WRNS) and camp 2 (RN personnel), the nearest railway station was Kirkbride run by the Station Master Mr John Stafford. The camp would send a wagon down to the station for NAAFI stores which arrived by train. I was in the RN at this time but stationed on sea going ships,seeing as my home was in the county I applied 3 times for a draft to this station and each time the Navy sent me out to the Far East once and twice to the Persian Gulf.The station finally closed down in 56/7 and is now a radio station(civilian) and the 2 camps are no longer recognised,as for the railway station that also is no longer,this was down to Beechins cuts in the rail system.I`m sure that there are still some ex "Nuthatch" men and women who remember their time at Anthorn and the area.