epirotiki line

16th December 2007, 21:04
(A) great line in memorys(A)
it was very sad to see the end .......but....(Thumb) great liner

and the fantastic "hermes" live now !!!!

23rd December 2007, 19:01
have anyone i completly shiplist from the line??

Keltic Star
24th December 2007, 05:33
Only Eporitiki ship I have knowledge of was the Nepture. Did a three day Med cruise on her doing a potential purchase survey
After inspecting the galley and store rooms, lived on grapes for the entire voyage.

24th December 2007, 07:02
The Simplon Postcards website has a great section on Epirotiki.
I have to admire some of the ships that Epirotiki had, but only really sailed on 1 of them, namely Oceanos. Sadly though they seemed to have a lot of disasters befall them.

24th December 2007, 09:16
i have make a visit in piräeus 1998 and i can go on board of many ships of the line:
Odysseus fine liner
triton:many thinks from cunard on board
stella maris:small and sweet
stella oceanis nice
stella solaris :beautiful liner , old , clean fantastic

my favorit hermes i saw never ;-(
i think the old liner from this line was the best, but i found never big storys over this ships and pictures from the indoor style

16th February 2008, 09:02
have no one memorys over epirotiki???