Palm Christmas

17th December 2007, 22:45
Best Wishes to All for Christmas and the coming New Year.

I was reading in another thread about Christmas aboard and I still smile remembering one particular Christmas aboard, the prime character was an Electrician, known as Foo Man Chu.

Christmas lunch was over and the sparkie had managed to pipe through the Queens Speech, this was immediately followed by a Christmas Message from the then Archbishop of Canterbury.

Full of pop and indignation Foo sprang to his feet and said "it's that nancy boy, R***ie, always was a nancy boy - his mam and dad wouldn't even let him go camping in the Scouts. His dad was electrical foreman of the Liverpool Overhead Railway.

Not wanting to listen to any more Foo made for the door and accidently stepped with one foot into the rosie (metal waste paper bucket), his foot folded and he couldn't get the rosie off - headed for his pit down the alleyway, still with rosie on foot, step bang, step bang, step bang.

Incidentally the said Archbishop had a distinguished military career and was, I believe, awarded the Military Medal !

Kind Regards, David Wilson.

17th December 2007, 23:47
still a nancy boy though.......... obviously.........:)