Miramar Ship Index

18th December 2007, 12:33
After using Miramar Ship Index successfully in the past, although sometimes slow, it has always loaded up so that searching can be done given time.
However, over the past week or so, it seems to be stuck on loading "2 items remaing". The subscript to this, shown at the bottom of the image appears to be http//paypal etc. etc.
The overall effect is that the screen "freezes" at this point and my only way out is to close the currnt display down.This prompts an error report option which has been sent on numerous occassions without reply.
Has anyone else found this situation?
Searching this forum has not shown any link.
Best Regards

18th December 2007, 13:04
Haven't used it recently but OK prior to that ( last month or so).

18th December 2007, 13:14
It loads fine for me. It seems like a problem with your browser, rather than the Miramar site.


Frank P
18th December 2007, 13:30
Dave, I have been on the Miramar site a few times over the last few days and I have not had a problem.

Which browser are you using, over the last few weeks I have had the occasional problem on some other sites with the flashplayer on firefox, when I send an error report to Mozilla they say that they are aware of the problem and they are awaiting a fix from Adobe.

cheers Frank (Thumb)

18th December 2007, 13:40
Likewise it loads happily for me using that nice Mr Gates' Internet Explorer.


18th December 2007, 16:05
Thank you all for your replies and comments.
Normally I use Windows Internet Explorer on Windows XP.
Today I tried Firefox and this worked fine for Miramar, so decided to delete Miramar from my "Favourites" and use Firefox.
Now, having tried Miramar using Windows Int.Exp. again, I find that Miramar comes up without problem.
So don't know what the problem was or still is!
Thanks once again

K urgess
18th December 2007, 16:12
Possibly a corruption or change in the URL so that your favourite didn't work properly any more.
Glad you've got it sorted OK.

18th December 2007, 16:29
Spoke too soon I did.
Back to square one.
Will keep looking for the problem.

18th December 2007, 17:14
Possibly something to do with your security settings,
I have mine set to stop certain third party sites, and
it sort of hangs there, but the main page gets there.

K urgess
18th December 2007, 17:33
Oh Dear.
So much for that idea.
I think Raymond's right. Have a look at your security settings.
I've seen this sort of thing before. It's something to do with the adverts at the bottom.
Are your using IE6 or IE7?

18th December 2007, 19:24
Back again.
I use IE7.
The problem has been circumvented rather than solved.
My local expert ( Grandson no.1 ) has told me that there appears to be a problem with Miramar home page and possibly "IE don't like paypal"
His solution, which seems to work well, is to delete the favourite Miramar homepage and go directly to the search page.
Looks good to me.
Teaching an old dog new tricks methinks!
Regards to all

K urgess
18th December 2007, 21:10
Sounds like a cure.
The URL in my favourites is this one


and it works every time for me in IE7

18th December 2007, 22:13
Thanks Kris

18th December 2007, 23:36
Kris's URL is the one I use as well and it has always worked fine and did just now when I checked it again.


18th November 2010, 15:58
hi dave r you related to jeff tod ?