Liners Servicing Montreal in 1953/54

18th December 2007, 13:40
I have a request for information.

I have some old photos at home (which I will scan soon if Santa brings me a new scanner for Christmas), of my mum and my 2 sisters en route to England to visit my grandparents in 1953 or 1954, (I wasn't even a gleam in my dad's eye at that point).

Does anyone know what liners were servicing the Montreal/England route then? I know that it's probably just the CP ships and some of the smaller Cunard liners, but given that around that time a lot of the older CP liners were removed from service, I'm not sure which liners were still plying the route. All I have are a couple of deck shots, and it doesn't seem to give enough information.


Baltic Wal
18th December 2007, 17:05
Autumn of 1952 I sailed as passenger from Montreal to Southampton on the Greek Line vessel COLUMBIA. She was on the Germany to Canada run anchoring in the Solent to drop off passengers. She was certainly on that run up to 1954.

18th December 2007, 18:55
Cunard,s SAXONIA was the first of three or four ships built for the Montreal/ UK run. She made her maiden voyage in feb.1954. Colin

21st December 2007, 20:23
A quick search of The Times for liners to or from Montreal:

Cunard liner Ascania reached Mersey 4 May 1953 after crossing Atlantic from Montreal on one engine. Georgic to do return voyage.
EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA, fm. Montreal, due L'pool 7 (Jun).
BEAVERLODGE, Montreal for Victoria Dk., arrd. Grvsnd. 5 (Jun).

EMPRESS OF FRANCE, fm. Montreal, arrd. L'pool 4 (Dec).

New Cunard liner SAXONIA completed sea trials and left Liverpool on her maiden voyage (to Montreal) Thu 2 Sept 1954.

SAXONIA, fm. Montreal, due L'pool to-day (10 Nov).
ALSATIA, Montreal for Surrey Commercial Dk., pssd. Grvsnd. 9 (Nov).

Happy Christmas.

Hamish Mackintosh
22nd December 2007, 18:26
Cunard,s SAXONIA was the first of three or four ships built for the Montreal/ UK run. She made her maiden voyage in feb.1954. Colin

Thats the one I came to Canada on in 1957,as a passenger, great ship, pig and whistle was great too

1st July 2009, 09:28
Although SCOTLAND not England there were two ships which did a regular service from the Clyde to Montreal and Quebec - in the summer- Donaldson line Laurentia and Lismoria each carrying 99 passengers
In the winter Laurentia did a 'cruise' to Vancouver (and other W.American and Canadian ports - my first appointment I was on the 1952/53 voyage -
I'm not sure what Lismoria did in the winter - any recollections?

30th November 2009, 02:57
let us not forget the ships of Canadian National, Canadian Cruiser, Challanger, Constructer, Landown park, sutherland park, etc, etc, all went away after the canadian govt tried to get out of a sticky situistion with a maritime union it brought into the country to off set the Canadian Seamans Union, They were all sold to Cuba in 1957-58 for scrap prices.

24th October 2012, 14:04
Many voyages there on the CPR Britain and france Cunard men drank in Joe beefs CPR men in a smarter bar just up the road, forgot the name was it Fontaines?

tom roberts
24th October 2012, 22:27
The Polish ship Batory was a regular visiter to Montreal,played football against them got a hammering as I have posted before.

25th October 2012, 17:33
I'm going to have to find those photos. maybe the railings that are in the photo's will help.