Compressing Power Point Presentation

Keltic Star
20th December 2007, 23:28
Trying to be clever, I have spent the last two days composing an MS Powerpoint presentation for a Christmas greeting. Trouble is that the saved file is 32MG and of course won't send on email. Have tried to compress to a zip file but it still seems to be 31 MB.

Is there a way to reduce the size down to sending limits for email. I seem to receive many PP presentations with far more graphics in them that I have, is there a secret that had I read the manual I would know about? I have 22 slides all with full page graphics and sound in my boy art designer creation.

If it can't be done guess I'll have to phone every intended recipient as their Xmas cards are still in the store.

Any help would be appreciated

20th December 2007, 23:38
Have you scanned images in it?

32 megs is huge, I'm impressed you managed that much work in 2 days!!

As for the scanned image question, I was thinking along the lines of scanning drawings and the memory they take because they are a picture of the whole sheet. Prbably isn't applicable in your case.

K urgess
20th December 2007, 23:41
Sometimes the problem is the size of the embedded pictures.
You may have copied them in and then reduced them to size by dragging at corners etc., but the filesize stays the same.
When I have this problem, particularly with DTP packages, I find the only answer is to reduce the pictures to the size I want before importing them.
There again I might be completely wrong Powerpoint is not one of my favourites or used on a regular basis.

Keltic Star
21st December 2007, 02:01
Thanks for the fast responses Gentlemen.

I was using actual photos of last weeks storm and I think Marconi Sahib is on the right track. Re scanned drawings, I know this process is a pain. I have even tried to convert the scanned images to .pdf files but the quality is terrible. At times when absolutely necessary I have even pasted the scanned image into AutoCad and retraced the whole drawing into AutoCad. Have also done it with Delftship 3D Cad but you can't charge the customer for all this time so it's a labour of love. Must say, by the time you have done it you know the ship inside out.

If you have the originals in AutoCad there is a free viewer that can be downloaded and you can then print to .pdf with excellent resolution. I use Atlantic Digital in Burnside to do all our blueprinting and they might be able to scan your originals into graphics form. They are very reasonable and fast. NB: No commercial connection, just a satisfied customer.

Marconi Sahib:
As noted above I think you have nailed the problem on the head, I inserted the pics into PowerPoint in full size. Will read the manuals to find out how to reduce the size before importing and see if that works.

That should keep me occupied into the wee hours and shoot, the wife wants to go Xmas shopping in the morning. Oh, the joys of Christmas!

I even tried to load the PP show up to our website but it takes 7 minutes to download and am sure no one is going to be impressed with my greeting by that time.

Once again, many thanks to both of you.

Keltic Star
21st December 2007, 07:22
Thanks Marconi Sahib, what you suggested worked. Got the presentation down to 9GB and should have selected smaller size pictures but it went out to most addresses OK had a few bounce back because of the large size so put it on our website where it downloads in "reasonable" time.
Going to post the non-commercial version on SN in a moment.

K urgess
21st December 2007, 10:23
Glad it worked, Bob.
I found the same when producing a newsletter in certain DTP packages that I wanted to send out as a PDF.
Get the old "Where the hell did all THAT come from?" reaction.[=P]

21st December 2007, 10:37
I use a free download called 'Photo Resize Magic' and it's been excellent in keeping file sizes down. Can't remember the link but I'm sure a quick google will locate it.

Happy Xmas,


21st December 2007, 14:05
I don't know what version of Office you;re using, but in Office 2003, in Powerpoint bring up the picture toolbar (View>Toolbars>Picture)

Once it's up, leave it hanging around somewhere. Then click on the "Compress Picture" icon. It'll then bring up a box that lets you compress all the pictures in your document.

Apparently this is one of the reasons Microsoft intorduced the docx/pptx/xlsx format in Office 2007 - because most saved office documents are made up of nothing but air!

21st December 2007, 14:59
I know where this is!!!
Black Harbour was filmed there.

Beautiful area.

Nice job on the PP