HMT Loch Oskaig

21st December 2007, 12:19
My grandfather, Joshua Radford Richards, served on HMT Loch Oskaig between 1940 and 1944.

I would be grateful to recieve any information about the ship or her crew. I am aware of some of her movements/actions, but would like some more pieces of the jigsaw.

I attach a photograph of my grandfather. He is the older man on the right. It was his second war, having served in the RN during WW1.

Thanks in anticipation.

Paul Richards

Steve Farrow
21st December 2007, 14:30
She was built in 1937 at Southbank-on-Tees by Smith's Dock for the Caledonian Fishing Company, Hull. Requisitioned in 1939 by the Admiralty and converted to an anti-submarine vessel. Served out of Gib in 1943.
I have a fine photograph of LOCH OSKAIG leaving Hull. If you would like a copy please send me a P/M and I will email it to you.

21st December 2007, 16:26
534 tons. Returned to 'Civvy Street' November 1945.