Anyone with experience of Web Hosting Services in the UK?

25th December 2007, 20:50

I am looking for a company to host a website and would appreciate the views of anyone who has used companies in the UK for this purpose.

Who would you recommend?
Who should I avoid like the plague?You can send me a PM if you don't want to post your views openly.



Chris Isaac
26th December 2007, 09:46
After my time at sea I have spent the best part of 30 years in sales and marketing in the IT industry, so can I offer a little advice.

Who Would I Recommend?
It doesnt really matter who you use, what you MUST consider is the nature of your web site:
Is it commercial, i.e. is it going to trade and receive payments through it?
If so then you need to find a service provider that has all the necessary security in place.
If you receive unsatisfactory service then it is likely that you will want to lift the site and move to another service provider. This is easily done if you have kept an up to date back up of your site. The service provider should do this and you should make it a condition of service that it is done and the CD lodged with either yourself or a third party on a weekly basis.
If your site is a large commercial site then go to one of the big boys IBM etc they provide excellent hosting services.
For a medium size commercial site then most of the well known ISPs provide this service: Tiscali, BT etc etc.
For a small hobby site then it doesnt really matter but I would suggest that if you have a developer building stuff for you (stuff is an IT specific term related to anything they do not want you to understand) then ask their advice, they will have personal experiences and current relationships with service providers that they can make use to you advantage.

The key to it all is to keep a back up

Hope all this helps, happy new year!

26th December 2007, 09:57
For a private and free website try

Robin Craythorn
26th December 2007, 10:18
My son does proffessional web site hosting, although the server is based in the U.S.A. it does not matter where in the world it is. You can contact him through

Best regards,

Robin Craythorn

26th December 2007, 11:40
Many thanks for the replies folks.

I have been looking at reviews of companies providing services in the UK with a view to quality of support and reliability and have selected a provider to try out. I have a 5 day free trial so nothing to lose as long as I put some effort in over the next few days.