ss Leander,ww1

26th December 2007, 09:27
hi,can anyone help,

ss BESTWOOD, Admiralty Collier Sank 12 miles S.W. of South Bishop. Sank after collision.
with the ss Leander in 1917 ww1, any idear how to get info on the leander or photo of her, any help would be great.


Cosmo Melbourne
25th April 2016, 07:49
Hi Pete and anyone else with info,
I found your post when researching SS Bestwood. My grandfather Thomas Baty was her captain on this fateful journey and drowned along with others. I would love to know about the collision and any other info concerning the numbers who lost their lives. Was the Leander under UK flag too?

26th April 2016, 11:32
Hello Sue and welcome to Ships Nostalgia.

Some information about s.s Bestwood -


Cosmo Melbourne
26th April 2016, 12:39
Thanks Dennis, family story was that only the Master drowned but now I know otherwise. I appreciate your help, wouldn't have found this site. Sue

Cosmo Melbourne
26th April 2016, 12:55
Another query about collision between Leander and Bestwood, would there have been an enquiry as to the cause? Thanks Sue

26th April 2016, 13:23
Google this > BESTWOOD SS [1917]

Cosmo Melbourne
26th April 2016, 14:00
Thanks, did that but couldn't find anything about an inquiry, just the wreck site.