Tony Blackler

7th January 2008, 09:29
I heard today from the family that Tony Blackler, ex B & C master, died suddenly of a heart attack on December 18th 2007.

Can anybody please advise me the contact details of the organiser of the B & C reunions at Tenterden/Eastbourne - I believe it used to be Capt Reg Kelso, but that may have changed.

Many thanks



Tony Breach
7th January 2008, 10:27
Very Sad, Andy.

Tony was assistant editor of Sea Breezes.


7th January 2008, 17:20
Hi Tony ...

Thanks, he and I were on C MacLeod together at the time of the Indo-Pak war, that was a fun and interesting trip

For info, the funeral took place on 27th December; there will be an obit in the Feb issue of Sea Breezes.



Rod F
27th December 2011, 14:56
Hi Tony and Andy,

I was on that same trip as a junior or maybe J2 engineer. I think we did Chittagong and Chalna during the voyage and there was a fearsome hurricane in the Indian Ocean. Tony Blacker was either a 2nd Officer or cadet at the time. I still have the rosewood Elephant here on my desk that I bought during the trip.

Those were the days before cell phones and computers where comradeship at sea was the best experience. If anyone has a photo of Tony Blacker I would appreciate it posted here - I'm sure someplace I have a photo of moi at the controls of the Doxford at that time.

3rd January 2012, 16:21
Hi Rod ...

I think we are talking about different trips !

Tony B was C/O on the trip I was on, we sailed from Birkenhead at the end of September 1971, and returned to Tilbury at the end of March 1972

We got as far as Colombo and Madras on the way out, but never made it to Chittagong, we returned to Colombo and transhipped all our Chittagong cargo into Clan Maclay, who ended up in Karachi for some time before loading homeward.

The OM was FW (Fresh Water!) Moss, 2/O Mark Bedford, the 3/O was Ramel Menon from Ceylon. The C/E was from Northern Ireland I think, on his last trip before retirement, the S/2/E was on his first trip in that rank, the J/2/E was Bill Pemble, the PCO Dave Trinick, the Elect Robin Barton and the Chippie was George from Belfast who ended up in the Northern Lights Board.

I do have a couple of pics of Tony, when I find them I'll stick them up here.