sea stories - fiction

Harry Nicholson
8th January 2008, 17:17
Is there a magazine that takes short fiction stories to do with the sea and ships? 'Sea Breezes' seems all non-fiction from the few copies I've looked at.

8th January 2008, 23:02
Can't help but good luck with getting your stories published Harry.

Are you still doing your creative writing course?



17th March 2008, 20:33

Very few magazines take sea stories nowadays, which is a great pity. My last piece of fiction won me 500 in a short story competition quite a few years ago in 'The Bfritish Writer's Club'. It cost 30 per annum to join and lasted less than two years.

Surely there has to be a market for stories like these - or do we have to create one..........?


17th March 2008, 21:06
Harry, if you do find an outlet please let me know, I have been plodding along over the last couple of years recording my family history, my childhood story and many of my maritime experiences plus a few flights of fantasy and fiction but to date no luck via the likes of boating magazines, news papers etc.
I have had plenty of encouragement from magazine editors but most suggest that "historical" fact or fiction is not topical enough for todays hard sell magazine environment.
I will stick to the truth and continue to burble via SN until I am discovered!!

Harry Nicholson
17th March 2008, 23:02
Harry, if you do find an outlet please let me know,
Hello Bob, I've given up looking really as there did not seem to be any publisher of new work prepared or able to pay other than what seem token amounts. There is always competition of course (lucrative for the organisers I assume), the top one is the Bridport prize which awards a few grand.
Jonty, you have done well to pick up that prize given the competition. Shame that the outlet folded so soon.
And Brian, yes I am still on the Open University Creative Writing course A215 and have been getting good marks. 90%+ for a short story (a mystery set on a Nidderdale farm circa 1900 to 1930's) and also for two poems, one about kelp, the other set on moorland. The tutor is encouraging me to submit for publication ... so the poems have gone off and the short story will be floated at competition sometime. It is a great course and I'd encourage anyone wishing to hone their writing skills to take it.
I am trying to write a novel as well, I'm doing the OU course to get some confidence and test my ability in front of hard-nosed markers (too many people say 'oh that's nice' or say nothing at all... so one never really knows if it is half decent. The novel is set in 1513, a Teeside farm labourer trying to break out of the poverty trap, it is the year of the Battle of Flodden, so that features also.
So this is why I'm not writing much here these days, but I do look through this remarkable site every day and am still full of admiration for what happens here.
Best wishes to you all