ID of Canadian Destroyers

10th January 2008, 02:16
The photos of two "British Destroyers" were posted on a website I maintain - I'm not sure they're British or Destroyers. Here are the photos and any help would be appreciated. They are shown entering Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1959 or 1960.

UPDATE: Believe these are the HMCS FRASER and HMCS SKEENA. Can anybody validate this?

joe jordan
10th January 2008, 02:56
thease are frigates

10th January 2008, 03:21
I already ID'd these earlier, you have posted double.
To repeat these are Canadian Navy, St.Laurent Class destroyers, originaly designated DDE (Destroyer Escort) but upon modernization and considerable modification between 1963 and 1966 were redesignated DDH (Destroyer Helicopter carrying)

16th May 2010, 18:43
207 Skeena
233 Fraser

Both vessels are Canadian Destroyers

Cheers, Dumah
Halifax, NS

Keltic Star
18th May 2010, 04:21
H.M.C.S. "Fraser" was decommissioned in October 1994 and was purchased for a token price by Artificial Reef Society of Nova Scotia in 1997 and laid up at Bridgewater, Nova Scotia for possible use as museum ship. She laid there slowly deteriorating until the Canadian Forces re-purchased her due to public pressure from the citizens of Bridgewater, who objected to having a rotting war ship ruining the view of their waterfront. The original idea was great but there was no public support or government grants available to set it up and in the end she looked a very sorry sight.

She has now been towed back to the Halifax Navy dockyard and awaits an unknown fate. From all the stories I have heard from many ex-crew including my son in law who sailed on her, there was never a happier ship in the Canadian Navy.