USS Pheonix

10th January 2008, 21:17
USS PHEONIX was purchased by the Argentinians and renamed "BELGRANO" which was torpedoed by a Royal Navy submarine during the Falklands conflict.
This ship survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour along with a couple of other cruisers, what an ending after surviving the WW2 and although I`m not sure but was she in the Korean conflict also.

Uploading a photo to US Navy ships.(I HOPE)

14th June 2009, 21:34
When I was in Callao, Peru in 1987 I saw an Argentine Navy Ensign hanging up in a waterfront bar that had been left there by the crew of the Belgrano. the name of the ship was written on it, along with signatures of members of the crew. I suppose they must have left it while the ship was stopping there during a cruise to "show the flag" around South America.

I later encountered a Chilean who had once commanded their flagship, the cruiser Bernardo O'Higgins, which had formerly been the USS Brooklyn, sistership of the USS Phoenix and therefore identical to the Belgrano. Like most Chileans, he had a low opinion of Argentines and sympathized with the British in the Falklands War. "The Englanders should never have zunk that ship with a mere two torpedoes", he declared, "Those verdampt Argentines must have left all the watertight doors open."

Steve Woodward
14th June 2009, 21:53
There is a good shot of Phoenix HERE (

15th July 2009, 06:39
Follow the link on the USS Pheonix,

This should answer any questions on her operational history.


2nd September 2009, 12:16
Named spelt as 'Phoenix'.
Later named ARA 'General Belgrano'.

Try also the following sites.


or American_Naval_Fighting_Ships

Union Jack
14th December 2009, 16:59
"Those verdampt Argentines must have left all the watertight doors open."

Interestingly enough, that was also the opinion of the CO of CONQUEROR, the submarine that sank the BELGRANO.


PS The Chilean Captain obviously had German origins .....