HMS Wolves

11th January 2008, 13:43
My grandfather,who recently died,served on this ship during the war. Does anybody have any information on said ship or where can I find out about her.

11th January 2008, 14:05
Welcome aboard Marcyh.
HMS Wolves was a requistioned Fishing boat of 422 tons and built in 1934. She was 'called up' in August 1939 for Anti-Submarine work and returned in October 1945.
She appears to be named after the football team and there were several trawlers named after football clubs - I believe the owners came from Hull or Grimsby but I am sure some of our fishing members will be able to assist with this information.

11th January 2008, 18:32
Do you know where i can get any photos of her? This fits as my grand father was an asdic operator at this time. ta

11th January 2008, 18:39
She was launched 1934; owned Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby; purchased into Royal Navy August 1939 converted to A/S; sold mercantile October 1945.
422 tons; pennant FY 158. So says Gerald Toghill. All Best, Raymond

11th January 2008, 18:42
Quick look at my list .. she was GY 104

11th January 2008, 18:44
Which now means I can point you to the page on her at
with picture !!

11th January 2008, 18:47
i have pic of her in navy rig

12th January 2008, 19:18
My grandfather was quite a talented artist and painted a picture of the Wolves at sea during the war. The number on it is T158.Thank you all very much for your help. Prints of my grandfathers work can be seen on