Ps Caledonia

julian anstis
28th April 2005, 10:25
Launched 01-02-1934 and built by William Denny & Bros Ltd at Dumbarton,624grt, for the Caledonian Steam Packet Co Ltd.
Re-named HMS GOATFELL during WW2 when she played her part as a minesweeper.
Sold for scrap in 1969 and then re-sold to Bass Charrington who used her as a floating pub on the Embankment in London where she was re-named OLD CALEDONIA.
Gutted by fire in 1980 she was taken to the breakers down river where her engines were removed and taken to Liphook in Hampshire for preservation.
She was eventually replaced by the TS QUEEN MARY on the Embankment.

seen at her berth shortly after the fire in 1980.
photo courtesy P.W.Hobday.

I dont have a photo of her when she was working so if anyone would like to post one......feel free!

28th April 2005, 10:29
A sad sight indeed.....
Was the preservation attempt successful?

julian anstis
28th April 2005, 10:31
Only on her engines I believe.....I think i'm correct in saying the rest of her ended up in the scrapyard..........

28th April 2005, 12:26
Had a similar pic in Ferries Forum which I/ve now moved to this.