Two members of Courtmacsherry Lifeboat were injured during a search

samuel j
13th January 2008, 19:57
Source RTE

Lifeboat members injured in search
Sunday, 13 January 2008 17:57
Two members of Courtmacsherry Lifeboat were injured during a search this afternoon for a missing person off Rosscarbery Pier in west Cork.

Both men are in a stable condition at Cork University Hospital.

The coastguard helicopter from Waterford was also taking part in the search and it was unable to airlift the injured men due to rough sea conditions.

The lifeboat made its way to Union Hall where the coastguard helicopter landed and the men were then airlifted to Cork Airport.

From there an ambulance brought them to Cork University Hospital where their injuries are being assessed.

I hope they are okay, will update if/when I hear more

13th January 2008, 20:46
This is why I get PO'd at the adventurer mentality. Some guy is going thru the mid-life crisis and decided he has to conquer Mt Everest or it's equivalent then someone has to put their life on the line going to rescue his sorry ass.

I hope they are not seriously injured.

samuel j
13th January 2008, 22:54
Just heard they will be fine. 3 were on on the foredeck luckily with their safety
harnesss tied on.
A huge wave came out of nowhere and the Lifeboat was completely vertical
being shoved back by the wave. When it fell down of course the 3 lads got
One lads face looks like he went 6 rounds with Mike Tysoning and being kept in overnight as his thumb is broken and he must have it pinned. His . 2nd lad has torn ligaments in both knees from the slam but he was
released and is on crutches.
3rd lad wrapped his legs around the railings and held on and is OK