Master Steadfast

Mike Kemble
13th January 2008, 21:45
I received a very interesting email a few months back regarding a letter from a German Lt (Master of a minesweeper, Erich Matern) who was present when the Master Steadfast was captured off Sweden by the Germans in Nov 43. I am unsure but think it was from a member of this esteemed establishment. However, thats not the point.

I am trying to find an image of this "launch" - designated MGB 508, which was supposedly one of Ellerman Wilson Lines vessels. Thus far, no luck.

K urgess
13th January 2008, 21:54
There's a picture of the Master Steadfast from the bow testing the Oerlikons in the book "The Wilson Line" by Arthur G. Credland. Published by Tempus ISBN 0 7524 1728 2.
There's also a picture of the officers on the bridge of the Hopewell with an unnamed launch in the background.

Mike Kemble
13th January 2008, 22:44
Thanks, thats a start at least.

K urgess
13th January 2008, 23:33
There's no acknowledgement as to source for the photograph in the book.
I'm sure if you give Hull Maritime Museum a ring the author, who is the curator, will be able to tell you if other pictures are available and maybe even supply copies.
Try,95619&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL as a starting point.

Mike Kemble
13th January 2008, 23:37
Thank you, appreciated.