Wainfleet Fishermen in the 1800’s

14th January 2008, 12:56
Another family history type question.

In the 1881 census, I have ancestors which lived in Wainfleet whose occupations are stated as Fishermen & Fisherboys. Interestingly, the previous, 1871 census, has the same people’s occupations as Boatmen.

Would any of you knowledgeable folk out there have any information on a fishing industry in Wainfleet, in the 1800’s? My understanding is that by this time, the River Steeping, although navigable to smaller boats, had silted up; and any shipping had moved further downstream to Gibraltar Point – the last boats leaving there in the 1920’s. Would these Fishermen have worked out of Wainfleet… or maybe Skegness and Boston? I’m not sure what communications would have been like between these towns in the 1800’s.

Thanks in advance,