Benalbanach, The last day.

j basing
16th January 2008, 15:28
A sad sight from her days in the Ben Line but I am 90 per cent sure this is the albanach the day before she was run up the beach to be broken up. The ledi was lost on a reef towards india and the wyvis caught fire. Time for the experts to examine the photo and see what they make of it. She was called Bill at the last. I for one would have liked a better end for her, than hanging around rusting as she was with her sisters great ships to look at.

16th January 2008, 19:52
Sad sight as you say, it's unfair for such great ships to end up like this. The last ship I worked on (1971), a great ship.

ian keyl
18th January 2008, 23:54
I agree she should have seen a better ending than this .She should have been encased in a dock in the the London docklands as a tribute to the the commerce and industry of this country to which she and her crews along with so many other great British ships that plyed the seas carrying cargoes that earned the country money and employed people in industry ashore ,we have a prime minister in China trying to build up industry between the two countries and hopes to create employment for tens of thousands of people.
The fact that so many famous British shipping companies had great ties with HK and mainland China seems to be forgotton as we are all taken over by huge global companies, some with very little history attached to them.

We the Britsih Merchant Navy should have had several fitting living naval monuments around the UK for the public to go on board and visit.
I am only beat a little drum, but I have a heart.

To confirm and agree with with you both it is the albanach, they seem to have welded over the name which was cut out of the plating above the saloon windows on the boatdeck and lit up at night .

Rgds Ian.