17th January 2008, 18:54
Any information on this boat greatfully appreciated. I think the name was Valiant.

17th January 2008, 19:48
There was a Floresco KY217 built at Gerrards Arbroath in 1959. Became Floresco AH72 in the 70s. A 49 footer. Dunno if this is the one?

17th January 2008, 19:57
No. reckon this boats about 1937.

17th January 2008, 21:47
Nearest Olsens that I have is 1948, and only Valiant in that is INS126, owned John McKenzie, Lossie.

Mike Craine
24th January 2008, 20:57
I think the boat you are after is DEO VOLENTE, KY217.
Built as EBENEZER BF435 in 1933 by W G Stephen, Macduff. Later became DEO VOLENTE KY217; CN 71; INS 77; ROSE, PD414; LAUREEN, A685; BF386.
Hope this helps.

25th January 2008, 08:50
I've a photo of the Laureen in my gallery, maybe its the boat your looking for.

26th January 2008, 15:58
Yup. does look something like that. Thanks