Coastal Vessels - A Colour Portfolio

Jim S
18th January 2008, 19:38
The back page of the February edition of Ships Monthly carries an advert for Midland Counties (an Ian Allen company) One book illustrated is Coastal Vessels A Colour Portfolio by Williams & de Kerbrech. "Colour photo album featuring the small craft that plied between UK ports in the 1960's and 70's"
Nothing odd about that you say - however the cover photo appears to be B.I's Nowshera, Nuddea or similar. Very Strange

Jim S
1st February 2008, 21:11
Further to above the February 2008 edition of Shipping carries an advert by Ian Allan describing the same book by the same authors - Coastal Vessels, A Colour Portfolio. This time they show an appropriate front cover.

Barry Man
8th February 2008, 00:10
The front cover might be ok. What's inside is poor. Do these chaps know anything about coastal vessels? There's a helluva lot of mistakes in it. I bought a copy at the weekend, and I'm still finding the mistakes. They did a tug book that was just as bad.

8th February 2008, 08:22
Flicked at it in Waterstone's yesterday; thinking of investing an Xmas book token on it. Won't bother now - thanks for saving my money, Barry Man.