K urgess
18th January 2008, 21:32
Downloaded this ( today and it seems to work quite well.
The interesting thing is that I can force a spell check on this entry window. It does automatic spell check on the gallery upload windows but not here.
The only thing I didn't like particularly was the download manager that won't let me save rather than run but that's easily switched off.
Still exploring it but looks promising.
Anybody else tried it?

Another Man
1st March 2008, 02:51
I also use it. The things I like best is the address bar modifications, you add a url, give it a nick, and then all you have to do is type that knick in the address bar to go to that site. For instance you add, type the nick sn, click ok and that's it, type sn in the address bar and you're here.

I also like the AD Blocker, it works as well as that of Firefox.

It also allows you to restore your tabs session, although I find it makes IE take longer to start.

I'm sure it's useful in more aspects, just haven't taken the time to look at them all.


Bruce Carson
1st March 2008, 03:55
I alway think of IE as "It's Early", usually much too early.
I've learned never to rush into anything too new as far as Microsoft is concerned.
I'll give it a couple of more months.