WWI German 3rd Half Flotilla Destroyers

20th January 2008, 04:14
On top of various inconsistencies and and omissions of
details in existing stories of the events of the 12th December 1917,
I am now finding inconsistencies in the destroyers as part of the
3rd Half Flotilla. I have no doubts that the vessels named in the attacks
are correct. Please can anyone point me to an internet source on
the German destroyers around in 1917. I am trying to prepare a set
of queries for my research, so I can investigate fully.
I am particularly interested in Zerstorers G101, G103, G104 and V100.
Mind you, if there is anyone that can help me with information on these
and their respective fates, I would be very grateful.
Best Wishes, Raymond

Steve Woodward
20th January 2008, 10:17
The V100 was a B97 type destroyer built in Russia, Blohm and Voss built a yard for the Russians at St Petersberg opened in November 1913 which is were the class were built
V100 was launched on the 08th march 1915, L 324'09" B 30'10" Draft 11'09" disp 1350 tons standard and 1847 full load
machinery : Twin screw AEG Vulcan steam turbines 4 navt type O/F boilers 40,000 SHP 36.5 knots, 519 tonnes oil gace a range of 2,600 miles
Armament : Four 88mm ( 3.45") C45 guns, six 50cm ( 19")n torpedo tubes in two single and two twin sets also 24 mines.
In 1916 the 88mm guns were replaced with the heavier 105mm (4.1) gun
These were the first 3 funnel destroyers in the german Navy
V100 was scuttled in Scapa flow on the 21st June 1919 and later raised and scrapped in 1921.

G101 was the lead ship of another class of destroyers ( the G101 class funnily enough) comprising G101 to 104 inclusive.
Originally oredered for the Argentine navy, oil fitred steam turbines with cruising diesels was in the original spec to be built again in St Petersberg. however on the outbreak of war they were seized by the Imperial German navy Commission.
L 312'08" B 31'01" draft 12'02" disp 1,136 tons standard and 1,734 full load#
machinery : Twin screw Germania turbines two navy O/F boilers 28,000 SHP 33.5 knots 500 tons oil gave a range of 2400 miles at 20 knots
Armed with same guns and torpedoes as the V100

G101 = Santiago, G102 = San Luis, G103 = Santa Fe and G104 Tucuman were the original names for the Agentinian navy

G101 launched 12 Aug 1914 surrendered and scuttled as V100, later raised and scrapped 1926, G102 launched 16th Sept 1914 scuttled as others at Scapa Flow, rasised and ceeded to the USN and sunk as a bombing target in July1920.
G103 was launched on the 14th Nov 1914 scuttled with the others in Scapa Flow raised but sank in a gale on the way to the scrapyard.
G104 launched 28th Nov 1914 scuttled as above with others raised and scrapped in 1926

Hope this helps Raymond

20th January 2008, 10:20
Raymond try this web site


20th January 2008, 14:39
Thank you for that url, I will add it to the pool for query.
I am having difficulties in resolving just which ship was in
which flotilla; this is different again. I am hoping that I can
either get the data from the NA or from German Archives.

Steve - you are a star ... Many thanks for the information;
That helps immensely ... Best Wishes, Raymond

Steve Woodward
20th January 2008, 16:08
Glad to be of help

20th January 2008, 17:56
Battle of Jutland Fleet list includes B 97 as part of the 3rd Half Flotilla.
There is no mention of V 100 in either the 3rd or 4th Half Flotilla.
[Was this B 97 renamed to V 100?]

Scratch that .. just discovered that B 97 was given to the Italians and
became CESARE ROSSAROL 1920.

I see her sister V 99 was sunk by NOVIK, another ship I am researching,
along with her "sister" Derzky/Novik PRONZITELNY ... it is all connected.

Although I have found some German websites on these, I will nevertheless
be writing to German Archives.

The URL is proving very useful.

Best Wishes, Raymond

Steve Woodward
21st January 2008, 11:26
The B97 class comprised : B97, B98, V99, V100, B109, B110, B111 and B112

21st January 2008, 14:55
Thanks for that Steve. Pages on line, now.
I have a LOT of work to do on the research as to the events, yet.
Best Wishes, Raymond