Dunnottar Castle war years

21st January 2008, 07:20

Started to get some info about the war years of the Dunnottar Castle, but did not came a lot further than that in the beginnig she was used as a merchant cruiser and later as a troopship, both without any specific data.

I also purchased a photo from those years showing a close up to severe damage to the ship, but again without any story.

Who can help me to get some data of her as merchant cruiser (guns call., crew and so) and what voyages did she made as a cruiser.
Where was she rebuild into a troopship, for how many troops etc., what voyages were made etc.
When was she released from war duty and where was she rebuild into a passenger liner and when did she took up her Africa run again.

Last but not least, I came over a vage story that she had some frequent engine trouble during the war that were discribed to faul play....... rumors, gosip or true ?

Hope to hear/see from you, any info will be very welcome.