Churchill and Valiant class SSN

25th January 2008, 20:57
I'm interested tyo know the states of these ships given the only one I know the whereabouts are i HMS Courageous in Devonport but I'm unaware of the location of the Conqueror and the Warspite.

Does anyone have any info on them,

25th January 2008, 21:13
They are both laid up afloat in Devonport.


25th January 2008, 21:16
SSee the only thing I know of Courageous is from a picture I found one the RN picture area on its website.

But thanks for the info.

25th January 2008, 21:40
Tom look here for pics of Valiant, Warspite and Conqueror


25th January 2008, 21:48
Conqueror is the middle one isn't it. I had a quick look on wiki but it showed warspite and Conqueror together. The one on the left is Valiant maybe?

27th January 2008, 14:27
I always believed that the conquoreer should have been saved out of all the nuclear submarines why save coragous ?

28th January 2008, 12:28
I suppose the Conquorer's retention as a museum piece might be regarded as a little insensitive owing to the dead of the Belgrano and a lttle offensive to the Argies.

Although the Conquorer would make a better museum piece owing to it's history mind, however the Corageous retention is more political then historical, as it demonstrates to the locals how safe nuclear powered vessels are on their door step, (or at least that is how I have interpreted it.)