Holed cruiser saved from sinking ( BBC )

Gavin Gait
26th January 2008, 10:59


26th January 2008, 16:09
Thanks Davie,

I guess some of our River Thames members will be able to give us background information on this one! (?HUH)

26th January 2008, 23:58


The vessel itself is fine and afloat. It was grounded out at Coin Street this morning and worked over until early this afternoon when it was refloated on the tide and escorted on 1 engine back to its moorings at Cherry Garden pier.

Here are two photos i took earlier today:



Also a little error i noticed on the BBC page
"The firm owns five vessels, which host sightseeing voyages, mainly between Westminster and Greenwich piers."

City Cruises actually own around 12 boats with the newly bought Hydrospace boats from Catamaran Cruisers.

Gavin Gait
27th January 2008, 00:04
Thanks for the links Ben , any local news on what she hit yet ??

27th January 2008, 00:09
Thanks very much Ben. (Applause)
Davie has just beaten me to it ..... any idea what she hit? (?HUH)
Is there much debris in the Thames these days? (EEK)