Opal Island

3rd May 2005, 15:12
OPAN ISLAND ,leaving Genoa 1984,Giessen De Noord built 1963 as BRECON BEACON,with 2 sisters HURLEY BEACON and HOLSWORTHY BEACON ,all
scrapped end 80s.Very good ships.

Rob van Leeuwen
17th July 2006, 17:01
In between, the 3 ships where renamed Pooldrecht, Pendrecht and Papendrecht, sailing for van Ommeren Shipping Rotterdam. I have sailed on the Pooldrecht for a while. Yes they where very good ships. Van Ommeren sold the 3 ships to Somalia en renamed in Opal Islands, Amber Islands and Topaz Islands. Scrapped in 1986.
Greetings from Holland.