Fred Olsen cancels inaugural cruise of the BALMORAL

Gavin Gait
29th January 2008, 16:13

Pete Legg
29th January 2008, 16:32
Still alongside in Dover Davie, and they are taking skip loads off her, including what appeared to be a Thatched hut!!!, don't know where that came from.They carried out lifeboat drill with the starboard boats yesterday evening, all seemed to go well. Regards. Pete

29th January 2008, 16:51
This is nothing new. I have always advised passengers to stay well clear of maiden cruises as something often goes wrong. And I am talking about standard refits that we used to do, not stretching ships or building news ones having teething troubles on the first cruise or two. Even on Oriana's last world cruise we had problems following a major refit. She had already done a shake down cruise but had problems especially with her fire doors all the way out on her world cruise.

The only upside as I think Paul once pointed out was to book a maiden cruise because you will get your money back and money off another cruise?!.


Paul UK
29th January 2008, 22:51
Your Correct David I knew someone that used to make a hobbie of it and did not care what went wrong or if it happened.