Seven Seas Navigator

julian anstis
4th May 2005, 13:36
SEVEN SEAS interesting history as she started life as AKADEMIK NIKOLAY PILYUGIN a warship for the Soviet Navy. She was laid down in 1988 as a warship with an ice strengthened hull and was to be fitted with powerfull satellite antennai to monitor NATO Navy's. Before she was completed the Soviet Block collapsed and building was suspended. In 1997 she was sold and re-named BLUE SEAS, then she was towed to Mariotti's yard at Genoa Italy for conversion to a cruise ship. When she was completed in 1999 she entered service as SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR and now rates as one of the most luxurious cruise ships afloat.
photo taken Barcelona 1999 courtesy P.W.Hobday.

5th May 2005, 01:29
Nice photo and interesting history of Seven Seas Navigator. She made a brief visit to Brisbane about a year ago and I worked as a Security Guard on the gangway. The passengers were very friendly and had the endearing quality of making even me feel young!

julian anstis
5th May 2005, 14:32
Bet you would never have thought she started out life as a warship !

14th May 2005, 23:51
She certainly has an interesting background. I remember her calling at Lyttelton about 2/3 years ago, when my Company operated the pax shuttle into the City. One of a fleet operated by Radisson Seven Seas, SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR rates among the elite group of 5-Star cruise ships.