MV Chica

31st January 2008, 19:23
Just to say hello everybody, this is my first post here.

30 years or so ago I came across an old Norweigen/Sweedish coaster called Chica (previous names: 1894 Flora, 1940 Bjorg Haukaas, 1965 Lill Tove and lastly in 1981 Chica).

I am trying to get hold of a any information about Chica, what she did for a living from about 1960 onwards and particularly what she was doing in the Med (Gibraltar, Cassablanca, Porto in Portugal) in the 1970's before she made her way to the Mersey and ultimately the River Weaver in Cheshire where she now languishes in a very poor state.

Chica sank in 1993 on the River Weaver in Cheshire and has been hawsered to the river bank in an increasing state of disrepair since.

If anybody has any information about Chica either in her swan song or earlier lives and what she did for a living, or information about her Master and/or crew, I would really like to hear.



4th February 2008, 08:22
Hallo,I could give You some info about the vessel.
She has been trading with general cargo on the Norwegian coast,
mainly from Trondheim/Kristiansund and North.
The Norwegian national sea museum can be able to help You.