Amazing Liner Video Footage

2nd February 2008, 01:43
Found these together.... wow!!

Famous Liners

Rms Aquitania

RMS Mauretania

Rms Mauretania's last voyage

RMS Aquitania some stunning movie stills

Queen Mary's last voyage

2nd February 2008, 22:12
real nostalgia, thank you for posting.


3rd February 2008, 00:00
Your very Welcome John.

samuel j
3rd February 2008, 22:17
Great stuff Lizzie

4th February 2008, 00:33

4th February 2008, 00:40
SS Volendam 1937

4th February 2008, 00:41
S.S. Norway in Germany 5-22-2005

Lovely sounds!!

4th February 2008, 00:44
Marco Polo

4th February 2008, 00:59
RMS Queen Mary [with a swinging tune]

4th February 2008, 01:02
Launching the Rotterdam [September 13 1958]

4th February 2008, 01:03
SS United States

4th February 2008, 01:07
Not really footage, but this is amazing none the less!
25 Foot Queen Mary Made of 814,000 Toothpicks

4th February 2008, 01:49
Thanks Lizzie No 1 for those nostalgic film clips.

As a young first tripper to the UK on RMS Rangitane we had to anchor in the Solent one weekend afternoon while awaiting a berth at the Southamton Ocean Terminal. Queen Elizabeth was embarking passengers for NY and was to sail that evening.
It was far from boring, there was some sort of Gala or Fete going on at a Cowes water front park and the brass band music was in full swing while across on the main land we could see the giant Saunders - Roe "Princess" flying boats bobbing at their moorings waiting for engines that never did arrive?
The big thrill came when The Queen came out of Southampton Waters into the Solent then quickly slipped into the channel like a large greyhound as we sat there looking like a fat spaniel in comparison.
Years before a young physics teacher at my school, who had sailed as an engineer on the Murmansk convoys and later as an engineer on the Queen,told us many stories and one was about how Queen Mary used to come out into the Solent while a Royal Navy anti-submarine flotilla kept the waters clear then she went full speed ahead into the channel at a rate that defied any U-Boats ability to achieve a torpedo hit.
I note on the net that she normally carried up to 16000 troops at one time during the war years as a trooper

4th February 2008, 18:46
Thank you for the memories Bob, I would say to see either of the Queens come out into the Solent, could only leave a lasting impression to anyone.
I must admit to trawling the net, for quite a few years, trying to find a full colour DVD or Video of the Queens. Not much luck so far.

10th February 2008, 01:43
Some more clips after digging around (what seems like hours)

Carpathia Returns with Titanic Survivors Part I

Carpathia Returns with Titanic Survivors Part II

Cunard White Star Line

Aquitania stuck in mud Southampton

Voyage on Rms Aquitania

Many Liners (which is which? who can say!)

10th February 2008, 01:46
Aquitania a little more
Nice footage (a bit quirky too)

10th February 2008, 02:01
SS France ariving in port in the late 1960's

Dave Edge
10th February 2008, 08:32
From the first post of the Aquitania, I love the fact that all the officers have decided the sun is away and are about to go into the chartroom to do their calculations when the Captain puts his sextant back to his eye and all officers reverse direction at high speed.