5th May 2005, 20:08
hi new member ex M N out of Swansea retired have a few photos will submit when i get the hang of it

5th May 2005, 20:11
Hi Graham,welcome to SN.Enjoy the site.Any questions just ask.Everybody only too glad to help.

Ron B Manderson
5th May 2005, 21:41
Well you have now joined the best there is

julian anstis
5th May 2005, 21:52
Welcome aboard Graham,
Look forward to seeing your photo's when you settle in, if you get problems posting them just shout.........someone will dive in and save you.


Doug Rogers
5th May 2005, 23:21
Welcome to the site, any questions just ask...they will be answered without any doubt.

7th May 2005, 07:47
Welcome aboard, Graham.
The above postings say it all. Enjoy your time here and we look forward to your contributions.