Download problems,

4th February 2008, 13:56
I have a long running problem with downloads.
I have the dreaded Vista op.sys., and I am unable to download form the net any programs or streaming vid. The download starts, but then always stops dead. Trying to download the same item again results in a hang at various different kb counts, so I have kind of ruled out RAM problems (there is a 2gig RAM installed).

I originally thought it was an ISP problem but I have
two other 'puters running XP which continue to work
just fine.

I run a Lynksys home router and I have checked for driver updates for that and everything looks good there. I have had someone tell me that it could be because Vista runs in 64-bit and this needs to be changed to 32-bit. Can anyone amplify on this and come up with any ideas.

Many thanks,


Bruce Carson
4th February 2008, 14:04
I still am using XP, but I would guess if you're using a 64 bit edition of Vista, your machine would need a 64 bit processor to run without problems.
Switching to a 32 bit Vista would probably do the trick.

4th February 2008, 14:13
Hi Malcolm

Are you getting an error message when it stops streaming or downloading or is it just hanging

4th February 2008, 14:39
I used to get endless problems using Windows Media player, and
so I got hold of Realalternative (no adds freeware) and it just downloads
anything of a video/audio nature, I am on dialup, and all it does is
to load everything and play it afterwards. It can be played as it loads,
but it is a bit disjointed ... on superhighway broadband I don't suppose
there would be any problems. Best Wishes, Raymond

4th February 2008, 14:41
Some sites allow you to download the item via a download manager.
I use Fresh Download, it is not always easy to discover the actual
download file address, but I usually manage it. The only problem I
do get is when the file is one of those kick-off files that Real uses.
I don't use them anyway, because of the security compromise.

4th February 2008, 14:42
Hi Malcolm

Are you getting an error message when it stops streaming or downloading or is it just hanging

Nope- no messages at all.


4th February 2008, 21:13
This is a puzzler if you are using a torrent client it may not be compatible with vista so try changing your torrent client