What became of Tokyo Bay?

5th February 2008, 20:59
Hi fella's,
Just very interested to know what became of the Tokyo Bay, as I remember her in Southampton during the 70's, she was green hulled, white superstructure and bridge located around 3/4 from bows.
Nice looking vessel as I recall, I would like to know if she's still in service, in what name or if she's now consigned to memory.
Anyway, many thanks in advance for any information.

ian d.cameron
5th February 2008, 22:15
Info Here

Some photos of her in the gallery.
I took a photo of her arriving at Penang has we were leaving on the Osaka Bay, I'll see if I can find it.

5th February 2008, 22:43
Thanks for the information Ian. I suppose 26 years in her line of work is admirable, lovely vessel in my opinion. Yes, now seen the photos, I have to declare, she's much larger than I remember. That's my memory going for you!

ian d.cameron
9th February 2008, 17:46
Hi Lizzie
Just noticed a good photo of her

9th February 2008, 23:23
Ah.Yesss!!..... Now that's what I call an excellent collection of photo's, not only Tokyo Bay, but some damn fine others too!!

Thanks very much Ian, brilliant.

10th February 2008, 00:12
Hi Lizzie, more photos of a Tokyo Bay here.

10th February 2008, 01:08
Cheers Ken, some very good shots there. I have no idea why I like this vessel so much, something about her always felt good to me. I guess a good analogy would be, you don't know why you feel for something, you just do!!