tom e kelso
6th February 2008, 20:04
MARITIME ENTERPRISE and EMPIRE :Sir William Mackinnon and his Business Network 1823~1893 by Professor J Forbes Munro 525 pages
Publisher : The Boydell Press ISBN: 0 85115 935 4

For the serious student of Britain's maritime history

"The nineteenth century roots of globalisation can be clearly seen inthis account of the activities of the enterprise network created by the Scottish merchant, William Mackinnon, which follows the rise of thefamily-led business group from its modest origins in Scotland to its transformation into the world's largest maritime and mercantile conglomerate.
It traces the hsiory of thevarious shipping firms within the group - including the British India, Netherlands India and Australian United Companies"

First published in 2004 and originally priced at 75 (and still to be found at this price!) it is available (Febrary 2008) from Academic Book Collection, Freepost: SWB 21201, POOLE BH12377
Tel: 0845 658 0088

at the bargain price of 25.00 +3.50 P &P