Lloydsman. A hard act to follow.

6th February 2008, 23:27
Tuesday 05 feb on my way home from work, I was cycling along the roadside of King George dock in Hull. I was just passing a gap between the sheds and as I glanced through the gap towards the quayside i nearly fell of my blooming pushbike. (EEK) Bold as brass in big white letters, staring me right in the face Lloydsman HULL. I know most people would wonder what all the fuss was about and that it's just a name on a ship, but those in the know will understand exactly where i'm coming from.

Today I just had to take a camera and stop off for a pic or two on my way to work at the Finland terminal. As I approached the new tug i could see a few of the crew on the deck with the paint rollers primed at the ready and I managed to have a quick word with the mate in between his brush strokes. Apparently this tug has been getting a bit of a brush up and is to have an official renaming ceremony on friday 15 feb down at albert dock. This I must see.

Can she live up to the name and fill the shoes of THE Lloydsman? She has got her work cut out to do that I would say.

I will find out more details of the official renaming and update in case any interested parties may fancy an hour or two down at albert dock.

Just so i don't forget, for Ray and any other ex crewmates from UTC, Terry Pickard asked me to pass on his warmest wishes and regards to you all as he never uses the net.

7th February 2008, 10:08
Hi Rob,
I wondered when Paul Escreet would rename one of his tugs 'Lloydsman' then when I saw the thumbnail with SMS painted on the side I knew it was one of his.
Terry Pickard! now there is a blast from the past, There are three Pickard brothers. Terry (AB) Barry (chief engineer) and another one (radio operator) I don't recall his name. I sailed with Barry on the dive support vessel
'Ugland Comex1'
I remember Terry getting a job with Gordon Gay (Terry Gay's Dad) on a Humber light vessel, I asked him what the flash was and he replied "haven't got a clue" He was a great laugh, a right character. We were once in a nightclub with a few of the lads, it was the opening night and Terry was celebrating quite hard, anyway he got chucked out and because he was the first to be ejected the gorillas on the door gently carried him down the stairs put him in a taxi, patted him on the head and gave him a quid for his fare home. The next guy wasn't so lucky, they kicked the s... out him and threw him down the stairs. Terry Smith (sadly no longer with us) was there that night and Hank Marvin from the Shadows was on stage. He said "I will do requests now" to which Terry shouted "Give us Wandering Star" Hank Marvin replied "Wandering Star? do you mean Wonderful Life?" Terry shouted back "no I mean Wandering Star, your'e f...... Lee Marvin aren't you" ? He shouted back "No I'm HANK Marvin you daft prat"
Characters! all of them, sadly lacking at sea these days
Ray Jordan

7th February 2008, 10:12
Ray they were salt of the earth and enjoyed my time sailing with some of them a very hard act to follow

7th February 2008, 11:25
The book is on it's way, you shoud receive it tomorrow

Yeah, good lads all of them