Croatia contains cargo ship fire (BBC News)

SN NewsCaster
7th February 2008, 15:00
Croatian workers attach tow lines to a blazing Turkish ship laden with fuel oil in the Adriatic Sea.

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7th February 2008, 15:38
Looks like a ferry. Don’t think it is a tanker. Although only concern mentioned in the BBC “script” is for the 850 tonnes of fuel oil - which must be for the ship itself?

“Croatian emergency workers have managed to attach tow lines to a blazing Turkish cargo ship laden with heavy fuel oil in the Adriatic Sea. Fire-fighters worked through the night to contain the blaze, which broke out on Wednesday on the Und Adriatic. Croatian officials say they have prevented an environmental disaster. At one point the vessel, carrying 850 tonnes of fuel oil, veered to within 8km (five miles) of the Brijuni Islands national park. All of the ship's 22 crew and nine passengers were evacuated. A fire brigade spokesman said two tugboats spent Wednesday night dousing the scorching hull with water to bring down the temperature. Floating barrages have been placed around the ship, but as yet no oil has leaked. The vessel caught fire off the northern Adriatic resort of Rovinj. It was sailing from Istanbul to the Italian port of Trieste“.

Starboard side of blue hull has painted on it “CN RO-RO”. Port side has painted on it “UN” with (I think again, but somewhat obliterated) “RO-RO”.

Anybody know any more?

7th February 2008, 20:03
It looks as though she is a sistership to the Point class vessels that the MOD use at the moment.