Type 42s losing their radomes

8th February 2008, 02:34
I noticed the photos of Gloucester post refit that she no longer has the radome covers over her Type 909 radars. Anyone know why they have suddenly decided to remove them? Other than keeping the weather out, what function did they perform?

Ron Stringer
8th February 2008, 17:39
First may I say that I know nothing of the type 909 radar. However radomes in general are provided to enable the antenna (scanner) to rotate in a still atmosphere. That is the antenna is not only unaffected by icing, snow or rainwater, but it is not affected by the wind. To turn the antenna at a constant speed in a gale or when a ship is steaming at 30 knots requires many times the power required in still air. Enclosing the radar (or satcom antenna dish) in a radome allows for smaller turning motors, less power consumption and extended reliability.

10th February 2008, 12:08
The Type 42's have often put to sea without their 909 radomes, I used to see a lot of them working up at Portland in the 80's minus the covers but they have always reappeared at a later date. I think post refit she would be undergoing trials etc and having the domes removed makes calibration/adjustment a bit easier. Having said that, there is a picture of Gloucester in the gallery on deployment minus the covers? not sure why that would be.

On a similar note, does anybody remember ever seeing a Type 22 with covers over the 911 radar. I saw them a couple of times in the early 80's, I think they were on Brazen but I only remember seeing them for a brief period so maybe it was just an unsuccessful trial?

12th February 2008, 21:21
Thanks for that. Anyone have a photo of a Type 22 with a radome? Odd they covered the 909 up to protect it but not the 912. Less robust?

18th January 2009, 20:44
The radomes are for weather protection only. When the radomes are removed a cover is placed over the actual radar dish. So in theory you would never see the "inside" of the radar dish itself.

23rd October 2009, 15:30
They were taken off so that a visual alignment could be made to the bench marks in the superstructure.

25th October 2009, 20:13
when i was on the Brazen we indeed had tracker covers for the 910,s but they were not of the radome type , but a canvas cover which could be retacted when required by about 10 matelots pulling on ropes ( all very high tech ) and an absoloute pain in the a**e

25th October 2009, 21:32
Hi Staffs, whatever I am thinking of was pretty bulky looking, so you've probably just answered my question. Cheers for the info!
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30th October 2009, 23:06
anytime cheers

20th April 2010, 14:26
They were taken off so that a visual alignment could be made to the bench marks in the superstructure.

John here is correct, after refit or any time the 909's needed calibration you took the domes off and mounted a camera on the dish assembly to line up with datum marks, to ensure the correct readings were read off, would be very emabressing if off went a dart and missed due to a misalignment. Did a similar thing to the launcher too. The radomes are there as a protection measure, and as a place to "hide" stuff (Thumb)