Ben Line Cuff Links

9th February 2008, 20:16
When getting ready for an event recently I was wearing a set of Ben line cuff links. I think a set was given to everyone working for Ben Line in the mid
1970s as part of a celebration. Can anyone remember what the celebration was and when.

Ali Bain
11th February 2008, 07:26
The cufflinks were for the 150th anniversary of William Thomson and company and were issued on November 1975. Unfortunately only have half of my set left.
Regards-Ali. Bain.

11th February 2008, 10:02
I was on the Vorlich in November 75 and I didn't get any......

Fa's that?
12th February 2008, 11:48
The first time I used my cuff links one of the chains parted from the back. Still have them but not much use.

Paul Barford
25th February 2008, 11:57
Still got mine in the original box and card inside.Not looked at them in years! There not exactly quality itemsare they?

Fa's that?
25th February 2008, 12:07
I posted a few photographs of mine on this site a few days ago. SAD or what?

6th July 2008, 06:36
Made me wonder, as I was sure there was a card in the box.
Found the box and the cufflinks, but no card.
As per the prevoius posting I am sure they were for the companies anniversary

Fa's that?
8th July 2008, 19:44

If you check out the photos I posted you will see the card that came with the cufflinks.

Fa's that?