US 'intercepted Russian bombers' ( BBC )

Gavin Gait
12th February 2008, 10:08

Getting more and more back to the bad old days of the cold war..

12th February 2008, 11:01
Sadly it's often referred to these days Davie as the "new world disorder".

12th February 2008, 21:32
I have to ask why the Americans feel an overwhelming need to place missile 'defence' (heard that one before) systems in Poland and the Czech Republic. If I were Russian I'd feel a bit threatened. Not that I don't trust anyone, you understand!! Apart from which I'm sure our planes (ie NATO) are occasionally given to having a wee look at this and that 'over there'. Am I just too cynical for my own good or should I just yawn and say I've seen it all before and we never learn.


12th February 2008, 23:40
i think that was the question nikita had on his mind , way back in the 60s

13th February 2008, 00:29
They were playing in the Arctic too

Canada Government has released that it will build 6 icebreakers for the Navy. That is a huge departure from the last 40 years as the Coast Guard has operated the Arctic Icebreakers. How hot will it get up there?