J Cory and Sons of Cardiff

Tom Wales
14th February 2008, 14:29
The recent thread on 'Cory Colliers' reminded me of my search for a photograph of the ss Adamton which was owned by J Cory and Sons of Cardiff.
I located the history of the company (by Raymond Cory) at Cardiff Library but the Adamton was not a photo-featured vessel .
I would appreciate if anyone can point me in the direction of a photo of this ship.

Baltic Wal
14th February 2008, 18:50
Can't help you with a photo but I sailed on their ship RESTORMEL in 1964, it was the worst voyage I ever had in 7 1/2 yeas at sea. Thought we were going to sink at one stage as it took us 28 days to cross Atlantic from London to Newport News. We were only a couple of hundred miles away from the AMBASSADOR when she sank. Think it was the fact we were in ballast that we stayed afloat. On the way back we had to do prep work for her sale and found that the lifeboats were in a poor state and difficult to lift from the chocks. Glad we stayed afloat.