Help on my drawing of SS France

14th February 2008, 16:19
Hi fella's,
Now, I'm not the worlds greatest art person, repairing photos is my bag.
I am trying to draw the France in her original guise.

This photo here is close, only opposite side, in colour and different port.

The problem I am having is the detail on my photo is small and in a book, and not worth scanning. That said, can anyone tell me what is behind the lifeboat at the stern? It looks like some sort of docking bridge, but with several round things sat on it.
Very sorry if I sound a little vague in what I'm pointing at, I don't know how else to say it.
I've been at this for weeks now, and frustration is setting in trying to get it accurate.
Hope to complete it soon and give a whirl on the gallery.
Many thanks in advance!!

K urgess
14th February 2008, 16:21
They look like the RFD type inflatable life rafts on a ramp so they can roll off the end into the sea.

14th February 2008, 16:23
It looks like a life raft rack.

14th February 2008, 16:33
Many thanks for the rapid replies fella's., means a lot!!
Do I take that they are round in structure until inflated?
I say that because, I'm just trying for as much accuracy as possible.
I started at the waterline, then worked my way up from hull to that deck with inflatable's, it's been a nightmare trying to work from photo's, every white object seems to merge with others of the same nature.
Would I be best searching on google for RFD Inflatables?
I'm getting there but slowly!!

K urgess
14th February 2008, 17:58
The inflatables are in a fibreglass case a bit like an oil drum split vertically. As they fall off the end of the ramps there's a tether rope that pulls the pin and they start to inflate, popping out of the case.
There's a picture of a bunch of 'em here (
And one to the left in this ( picture.

15th February 2008, 10:39
Thank you very much Marconi, my wife was right on their design, I was wrong, typical!!

16th February 2008, 12:23
Thanks for every help here fella's, my drawings done for better or worse, still will need a bit of tweeking to be truthful.
I'm not sure what gallery to put it in, I guess there isn't a category for drawings.
Any suggestions as to where would be nice, that's if it's a good idea!!
Cheers matey's

K urgess
16th February 2008, 16:07
Since it's a drawing of a passenger vessel it should go in that category.
We don't have one solely for artwork.
Everybody else puts them where the type of ship belongs.

16th February 2008, 18:14
Thank you Marconi, I have uploaded the drawing, hope it stands up, still learning these things.

19th February 2008, 21:07
Hi fella's,
How on earth do you re-upload the image to replace the existing picture.
I did an edit to the Le Harve mistake, but I can't get the new one to replace it.
Any help on this is always greatly appreciated!!

K urgess
19th February 2008, 22:05
If you've edited the picture and posted up the new version it should be there.
It may be that your internet browser cache is preventing you from seeing it.
Either force your browser to reload the page or empty the cache using the options menu.

19th February 2008, 22:16
Many thanks Marconi, genius this interweb thing. I'll remember that in future.